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First Night of Clan Battles Season 3

We had our first session of clan battles for the season last night, and for the level of preparation we had done as a clan (eg. absolutely none) I think we have definitely made some progress. My perspective is from that of taking lead on the games for the evening.

We are playing with a varied bunch of people from many skill levels, and whilst I could say that it would be nice to have a team of fully 70% win rate players who are properly map aware, I cannot ask of others what I am not myself, and I find that playing with that kind of player has an inherent way of creating fairly stagnant play. With average players, you get more of a wildcard, which tends to return a higher risk vs reward result. It’s also good to get weaker players involved in the competitive side of things as it helps them to grow and get better.

Our first few games were a good test, to see what works and can thus be improved upon, and what definitely doesn’t work. We encountered quite a few very skilled teams, some who made excellent plays that resulted in us receiving an ultimately concise defeat. However, we also met some of the skilled teams who turned to more complacent tactics that were reminiscent of the previous season when they stopped being viable towards the end of Season 2. This gave us a slight advantage in some ways, as we were not employing many of the same tactics that we had used last season, because they had begun to cause issues towards the closing eve of the previous season. Additionally, we were seeing very similar compositions to last season, which meant we could also similarly partially predict their intended map movements and progression points. We on the other hand, were not using particularly typical compositions, and our distinctly most jarring composition for the enemy of a few games was to run a full court press utilising multiple flank radar assaults courtesy of our highly agile Worcester captains. These are beginning to prove as fairly powerful ships when holding a flank from full or partial concealment, which in one or two games became instrumental in completely curbing a frontal assault, as the insane potential throughput stemmed any willingness to push on their part.

A few of the new map layouts are definitely interesting, Sea of Fortune especially. Sea of Fortune was deemed to be a potential sticking point for a lot of the more experienced clans who had regarded the layout as less than pleasurable. We used a fairly passive tactic in our first game on the map, which ended up in a fairly stagnant game and ultimately a loss, as we ended up too compressed within or below the B cap. For our following games we played a higher risk setup by splitting our forces between A and C/D dependent on spawn location. This split left the B cap completely uncontested for the initial 5-10 minutes of the game, which generally resulted in the Opfor taking full use of the available gap to gather the ever necessary cap points. This ended up having a flip side, once we had the caps on both sides of the central point, we had the perfect opportunity to create a full flanks assault on what by then was a severely cornered enemy team. This B cap, regardless of the variation is actually pretty hard to hold effectively from an opposition making a concise push from a single flank, but our position led us into being able to make a concise and resolved push on 3 of the 4 flanks, leaving only the ability to run to the rear for the OpFor. When we did this a few times we had fine tuned it into a fairly exacting tactic that I think will probably end up being the preferred approach for the season.

Mountain Range on the other hand, I am once again questioning why this map is even in the game in it’s current iteration, it has no place in randoms or competitive, as it’s basically a case of who has more long range, accurate guns is whoever wins, not who plays the map the best. There is only really 2 viable tactics, and each one is dependent on a very exacting composition, and frankly because it is the same tactics from the last season, it is ultimately a pretty boring map to play in general.

As it stands, we didn’t see enough of the other maps during the first session that I can make any more observations on those, so for now i’ll leave it there.

Conclusively, we made substantial progress due to the fact we have so many new active players since the first season, that ultimately were untested. I think we have also changed the perspective of top tier games for a few, hopefully for the better, now onwards and upwards – I really think we can make some substantial progress this season.


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